Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Debate of All Debates" Occupy & Tea Party on Foreign Policy (Part 6)

October 27, 2012 , G-4 Productions broke ground on what promises to be not just a One-Night Event, but a series of debates between Occupy and the Tea Party. I understand that G-4 Productions is now planning to present many more such debates featuring these two groups, the enthusiasm was that high to do more.

Billed as the "Debate of all Debates", it was that and much more because the Occupy participants didn't shout down opposing points-of-view. (a first?) Must give credit to the producer and his M.C., Larry Sinclair for setting such a professional tone that held throughout the whole debate.

From L-to-R John McGloin (O); Bob MacGuffie (TP); Justin Wedes (O);Toots Sweet (TP); Harrison Schultz (O); Ruth White (TP); Ami Horowitz (Host/Moderator) Kanene Holder (O); Pamela Geller (TP); Tracy Diaz (TP); Winnie Wong (O); Ted Hall (O); David Webb (TP)

Occupy & the Tea Party debated seven (7) topics, followed by an audience Q and A with a solid summation. All policy positions on both sides were presented and listened to respectfully and without derision. Awesome.

As for Hurricane Sandy, the devastation in Jersey, Connecticut and New York is far worse than most people originally reported, so I'm only able to post one 11 minute video (one of the seven debate topics.)

Debate Topic Number Six - Foreign Policy.

The entire evening will be posted  soon (!) by G-4 Productions. Meanwhile, a few more pictures.

Hope to see you when the next Debate is announced.
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