Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Free,Free Syria" Protest, Garment District- NYC (Sept 2012)

Came across a very small protest while walking uptown at 40th Street and 7th Avenue ; late afternoon, September 1, 2012

Not the usual location for protest in Times Square.

Perhaps it was an impromptu protest.

It was hot (about 90) Only police presence was an air conditioned van, with police watching from inside.

No flyers. Some signs were in Arabic.

Some in English

They were not very pleased that I was taking pictures, so ... Who they were reaching out to?

In the video, I noticed , one fellow held an Egyptian flag while others held the three-star Syrian flags of Independence (from 1930's).

Recognized the speaker as someone from Fakestinian rallies.

Not sure these rallies accomplish much of anything.

Preaching  to the 'choir' ....


A few more pictures here at flickr


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