Saturday, September 19, 2009

Even MORE pictures from the Tea Party of All Tea Parties(American-Style)

DSCN7565 dup

DSCN7409 dup

DSCN7407 dup

DSCN7420 dup

The Mall was filled with people spilling in all directions (with great signs)

DSCN7419 dup

DSCN7529 dup

DSCN7442 dup

DSCN7408 dup

Col West and Joyce Kaufman on their way to the Capitol...

Allen West and Joyce Kaufman

DSCN7402 dup

Tried to give a sense of crowd size in the pictures.

people spilled on to 3rd and the grass towards 4th st

saw thes vets as I walked towards Washington Monument

DSCN7539 dup

DSCN7397 copy

There's a Black Families event in background (past 4th st)

DSCN7430 dup

This area is jammed with people now:

DSCN7438 dup 2

DSCN7540 dup

A filled up now and spilling across 3rd st

3rd St.

Approaching 7th street, the police had cars lined up so we didn't cross over in to another event on the mall :

police cras I think to declare the end of our rally space...

DSCN7546  dup

DSCN7543  dup

Where the day began (this was around 3:30 PM)

DSCN7569 dup

"Michigan" resting in the Plaza:

"Michigan" from the front

And Long Island...resting...

"Long Islanders" resting

Ex New Yorker (now Maryland)

slide show of part 3 pictures below:

One more batch of pictures to be posted. I caught a few pictures (and video) while a CNN reporter attempted to broadcast from the Mall (our crowd was a bit rowdy) And then ON TO THE VIDEOS....

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