Saturday, July 25, 2009

Iranian Factions in Times Square (7-25-09)

Part 1 of the videos

Part 2
Part 3
There were three factions in support of Iran in Times Square but, there are some disagreements that kept them apart.
Group 1, was the main group with connections to Left-leaning orgs like Amnesty International. 
  They would not let Group 2 stand with the because they were flying Persian and Iranian flags.
They were called monarchists by Group 1. Group 2 also flew American flags and wanted freedom for all religions and equality for all people living in matter what their faith. One Zoroastrian painfully asked how could they all suffer through another 30 years! DSCN5820 DSCN5830
Group 3 was the Workers Communist Party.
Not everyone in Group 2 was pleased to have Group 3 stand with them.
Group 3,the Communists, were polite and stood with the monarchists against an Islamic Iran. 
                    They said their type of communism supports free elections and equality....
 The march to the UN. The police also kept Groups 2 (and 3) from marching with Group 1 
(I guess it was that Persian FLAG-thing)
Thanks to Atlas Shrugs who posted this report so quickly (while we were still editing) Atlas Shrugs keeping us all up-to-date on this  important Fight For Freedom in Iran! From Urban Infidel, who reported on the main rally for a United Iran across 7th avenue. "They refused to let a PERSIAN flag be flown. The larger rally, probably  financed by the Iranian Government, was not demonstrating to finally remove the brutal and sadistic Islamic regime in Iran--but to simply change it."

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