Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anarchists surround Times Square Recruitment Station (3-18-09)

What would YOU do if you knew exactly when a bunch of anti-American, anti-troop Leftists were planning to block the entrance to the Recruiting Station, pretending to be kind ol' Grannies and calling it a Crime Scene!

Claiming they really "Support" our Troops?

Would you ignore it? Think it doesn't matter?

Today, three of our patriots stood up to these anarchists. (many of these were the same Leftists who marched against Israel the day before)

Proudly our Patriots stood in front of the Times Square Recruiting Station

While our New York Police, did basically NOTHING but 'whine' as the commie-tools wrapped police-tape around the whole Recruitment Station

You'll see in the videos and the pictures how the Leftists creep closer and closer to the entrance until our Patriots were flat against the building;

Patriots were boxed-in by the tape and our enlisted men couldn't enter the building when finally these vile anarchists blocked the door at about 2 PM (this all started at Noon). It took our yelling at the police and demanding that they do something before they would notice what had happened. They were a bit busy chatting each other up...just hanging out til we yelled that the leftards were blocking the door.

"Are you going to do NOTHING?!" Finally got them to move...

AND, that also got the grannies what they wanted ... which was about 6 of them were arrested. They love the press. That why they were there!

Then there were the usual accusations towards the Patriots... like " snitch"? (for yelling at the police)and Fascist...whatever.

The police demanded that our Patriots leave the area (one of the Patriots broke the tape that the Leftards had wrapped around themselves in front of the door) and, of course, they tried to get us to stop taking pictures.

The police themselves took plenty of video and as usual, the hate-America crowd took tons of video and pictures and interviewed themselves A LOT!

It's time for all Patriots to demand the police stop looking the other way. There were so many police, suits, captains all standing around as the Leftists crept closer and closer to the door. And even though some officers made gestures at controlling them, it was to no avail. No matter what they told the Leftists ...like... you can't do that with that tape, etc..... the Lefties just kept wrapping and wrapping tape...

The Anarchists continued wrapping tape unobstructed and we KNOW our Patriots would have been stopped and removed from the area if they had tried a comparable action while protecting the Recruitment Station!

It's time to re-group! It's not enough to stand around with our flags (that just make the leftards look patriotic). Yelling at the Anarchists does no good cause the cops would move the Patriots... far...far away....

Wake Up, America! We need to EDUCATE the public. Flyers. Conversation! One young Marine in front of the Recruitment Station had to listen forever (politely) to a 'grannie" while she pleaded with him to acknowledge how wrong it was for him to go to high schools etc...that he was supporting killing...

Why should he have to deal with that? And the public passing by only gets the LEFTY flyers…



Come on Patriots. We should be out there walking around with flyers and talking to the public (politely) not the Leftards.


Day 2 at Times Square (3-20-09) The Anarchists Returned

Heads up: There are a lot more pictures Image hosted by Webshots.com
by redsquirrel08

And for the curious, below is the email the ‘grannies’ sent out for the event-

Oh, how the members of the Granny Peace Brigade are
saddened to send out this call...
Next week will mark the beginning of the 7th year of
the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.
While our new president has announced the beginning
of troop withdrawals, we are disheartened to see he
is simultaneously calling for escalating the US
military presence on the Afghan/Pakistan border.

On Wednesday, March 18th the Granny Peace Brigade
will assemble at noon at the Times Square Recruiting
Center to declare it a crime scene.
If we all join together, perhaps we can help guarantee
this will be the last year that we observe this tragic

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