Thursday, November 13, 2008

Code Pinkos in Times Square (again)

What a day! VSB found a large assortment of nut-jobs on display in Times Square (all dressed in PINK) and passing out fake NY Times while doing looney-toons street theatre:




Click picture below to see more photos:

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by redsquirrel08


911 Family said...

What are these whacko-pinkos going to do when Islamic terrorists strike America again? I hope they will be able to defend themselves.

Deirdre said...

They'll be the ones trampling over infants to get into the nuclear bunkers.

I think the cops are frustrated too. Since they can't take it out on the "protected" nuisance groups, they turn on their own. Taste of things to come?

Good work, red squirrel! A basketful of nuts there!